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Run 'Leadership In Action' With Your Management Team

'Leadership In Action' is a comprehensive, DVD-based, live workshop program for management teams presented by an expert instructor.

Multimedia systems delivering bite-sized learning.
Deliver inhouse training 'anywhere, anytime'
Run several modules over a full day or facilitate them in regular bite-sized sessions. You can also deliver the training with small groups or larger teams in a variety of formats, such as face to face, peer to peer or live online through your learning intranet.
 Retain the system for one-on-one coaching and new hires.
Flexible modules give you control
Customise each training session to the challenges facing the team. And since the program is designed for continuous re-use following initial implementation, you can use it on an ongoing basis to retrain, coach and induct/onboard new hires.
 Create personal training sessions.
You don't have to be a 'trained' trainer
Every system comes with step-by-step tools and tutorials providing inbuilt instructions that create powerful and effective training. And if you ever need more guidance, we provide lifetime customer support.


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