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Recruiting, Interviewing and Selecting Sales Force Talent

1. Evaluating and Selecting the ‘Right’ Salespeople

Management’s time is too valuable to waste with salespeople who lack the desire or ability to sell; they’re a liability!

So we've outlined a process for you that will help minimise those liabilities, and given you a proven recruiting template that will develop your ability to interview, evaluate and select the ‘right’ salespeople. As a result, you'll make consistently better hiring decisions.

So what is a good sales hire? Put simply, a good hire is someone who will do what you want them to do! Too often however, managers are not clear about what they want from a person in a specific role. Which is why being able to describe the role is a critical first step in the hiring process; it's outlined on the next page.

The cornerstone to successful recruiting is preparation; and that starts with a good workable job description which specifies three characteristics: Responsibilities, Tasks and the Attributes of the Person.
As we progress we’ll give you a series of discretionary exercises you can use to build a ‘working’ description, and develop your recruiting process.

We’ll also introduce you to Perception Sales Force Talent Analytics. The Perception system identifies core attributes that drive superior sales performance, including tenacity, mental agility, interpersonal versatility and resilience, and practical intelligence.
Perception provides sales leaders with a truly unique and objective insight for evaluating sales candidates, and choosing the right people!

Let's take a look now at how to describe the role.
'Practical Sales Management and Leadership' is a modular, cloud-based, training system that will help any sales leadership team grow its effectiveness. Preview a module here.
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