The Fortune Roundup: best of the web – 12 October

We have a great variety of articles for you in this edition of the roundup, a few of which also touch on themes we've been discussing recently. And to mix things up, the last "article" is a cartoon. Happy reading.

Want Engagement? Allow The 'How'
By Steve Roesler of All Things Workplace
As managers, we often feel the need to tell our people 'what' to do, but Steve offers a concise and articulate argument for why we should allow our people to determine 'how' they're going to make it happen, with a key benefit being an increase in employee engagement. He says, "We hire people because we believe they offer a unique talent. That uniqueness lies in 'how' they go about doing things... Give people opportunities to choose and control. You'll become the master of engagement."

Let Your Questions Be Their Guide
By Art Petty of Management Excellence
One of the characteristics of a good leader is emotional maturity, and part of this means that you must have the confidence and knowledge to surround yourself with people who may know more than you. To help tap into this knowledge and convert it to action, Art suggests that leaders use questions to their advantage. He offers five benefits of asking questions and 11 questions that can help you get your team's creative juices flowing.

Impressing Your Employee's Better Half
By Mike Michalowicz of the Wall Street Journal
Last month we wrote about various ways to motivate employees and recommended that belief building is the most effective means of accomplishing this. A tactic that Mike recommends for increasing this emotional investment in the company is to win support of the employee's family: "The men and women your employees go home to at night have the power to motivate a small-business team far better and faster than you could." It's an interesting thought, and Mike offers a bevy of tips on how to cultivate this support by winning over employees (and their spouses) on Day One.

People are less impressed than you think
By Stuart of 1.00 FTE

Hope you enjoyed this edition of the Fortune Roundup, feel free to provide your thoughts on any of these articles in the comments section.

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