Sales Performance International: Why sales training often fails

Sales Performance International recently released the first of a three-part series of white papers on the future of sales training, this one titled Why Sales Training Often Fails. It's a very interesting and insightful look into how organisations can often invest so much time and money in improving the sales effectiveness of their sales teams without achieving sustainable results. To quote: "It appears that sales training does work, but results taper off quickly, and in many cases return to pre-training levels." In fact, the paper cites that on average, 84% of the content is lost a mere 90 days after training!

How can businesses improve salespeople's retention of training content, so that they can positively and permanently change their behaviour? The paper identifies five barriers that generally touch on one of three essential issues: ensuring that management is committed to the process, running the training on an ongoing basis and customising the training to the unique requirements of the organisation.

When you are considering sales training for your business, keep these barriers in mind and be sure you select a provider, such as The Fortune Group, whose model addresses each of them.

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