Effective leaders focus on themselves first

All too often productive employees are promoted into management because their ego drive to be #1 has enabled them to excel in their role. And all too often, this is exactly the reason why they make poor managers.

What makes an effective leader is the exact opposite: An ego drive to help others be #1.

So how does a leader start to work on attaining this characteristic of getting their personal needs in perspective? Paradoxically, it starts by looking inward at themselves, to ensure that they have the characteristics of a good leader. In his recent post It's All About You???, Michael McKinney articulates this quite well: "Ironically, great leaders know that it's all about them because it isn't. Great leaders focus on developing themselves so they can develop others... It's about self-awareness. A self-aware leader is in a better position to lead others with authenticity and benevolent concern."

Think of the safety announcement they make before flying, specifically the part about cabin pressure loss: "Make sure that your own mask is on first before helping your children." Before you can help anyone else, you must be able to help yourself.

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