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Management Team

Brett Morris - Managing Partner of The Fortune Group and General Partner of Neo Technology VenturesBrett Morris

Managing Partner of The Fortune Group and The Perception Group. Brett founded three strategy and business development firms through which he accrued broad-based experience working with hundreds of private and public sector organisations, ranging from start-ups to large global corporations, and spanning more than forty different industries. He has over thirty years of management consulting, business and sales force optimisation, change leadership facilitation, talent optimisation and technology investment experience.

Spanning Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America, Brett's experience includes the development and execution of business optimisation strategies, business models and processes, market and channel strategies, operating restructures, executive leadership development, sales force optimisation, talent analytics and the migration of businesses into offshore markets. Brett graduated BSc from the University of Auckland.
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John Abbott - Partner of The Fortune GroupJohn Abbott

Senior Partner at The Fortune Group and The Perception Group. John has worked with private and public organisations throughout Australia, North America, United Kingdom and Europe for over 30 years, accruing significant consulting experience across most industry verticals, particularly in B2B markets.
Educated in Australia and the United Kingdom and holding an MBA, John’s expertise includes management consulting roles with a broad cross-section of large corporates involving business analysis; financial modelling and analytics; sales force cost structures and operating metrics; sales force optimisation and training; industrial market research and analysis; continuous improvement and change leadership processes; and extensive experience with talent profiling, facilitation, workplace training and personal development.
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