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Recruiting, Interviewing and Selecting Sales Force Talent

6. Recruitment Checklist

Congratulations, you're now more professionally equipped to interview, evaluate and make better sales hiring decisions than 95% of the non-HR specialists in business and industry today.
Use the Recruitment Checklist below to help you utilise the principles we’ve outlined for you. To be really effective you need to perfect the skills with practice; enhance your skills by completing the following exercise.

Recruitment Checklist

STEP 1   
Utilising the SALES POSITION you identified, review the exercises you completed to:
  • determine the Responsibilities for the position
  • pinpoint the Tasks
  • identify the Environmental Influences and Special Conditions
  • list the CAN-DO and WILL-DO attributes
  • designate them as MUST-HAVE’s or NICE-TO-HAVE’s
  • developed open ended questions for use during the interview

STEP 2   
Utilising the job description and questions you’ve developed, role play them with a buddy in a practice interview process.  Verbalise the six steps in the structured interview process; these are:
  1. Establish rapport
  2. Establish the ground rules
  3. Gather information
  4. Allow candidate to ask questions
  5. Sell the job, company, benefits and opportunity
  6. Close the interview

NOTE:  Listen with your eyes and your ears. Repetition is the key to utilising the process and techniques effectively.  Don’t expect to be perfect the first time.

STEP 3   
After you role play the interview, based on the information you have gained and clarified, rate your applicant on each CAN-DO and WILL-DO attribute as:
  • Below standard
  • Meets standard
  • Exceeds standard
  • Substantially exceeds standard

STEP 4  
When you have completed the rating and evaluation process, make a decision to hire or not to hire. 

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